The Slander of Jesse Hardy and Property Rights
June 13, 2004
By Julie Kay Smithson
London, Ohio
Today the New York Times, Lakeland, Florida, Ledger, and Minneapolis, MN, Star Reporter ran a story -- a vicious pack of lies -- spewed by female New York Times "reporter", Abby Goodnough. This is my letter to the editor of each of those papers. Care to add your voice, your letter? The length limit is 200 words; your letter must also contain your name, mailing address and complete phone number (editors usually call to confirm that you did, indeed, write the letter and send them the email). Please send each letter individually; papers don't print letters if they know that other papers are printing them! The email addresses are:
I know Jesse Hardy, of 6000 Naomi Drive (the street is named after his mother), Naples, Florida. He has done nothing wrong by standing firm: his home and land are NOT for sale. This is called Property Rights.
I also know that this condescending descent into yellow journalism is worthy of nothing more than fish wrapper status.
Should you care to provide your readers with the TRUTH about Jesse Hardy, who is a man of courage and conviction -- whose home is HIS HOME and is NOT FOR SALE to those that would remove people from all areas targeted for The Wildlands Project -- why, just search for "Jesse Hardy". Or visit
And stop providing a stage on which bottom-of-the-barrel "reporters" may chortle and cavort, in your pages.
Article referenced:
"Be It Ever So Humble, It's Taking on Florida" (The Star Tribune changed the article's title to "$4.5 million can't part man from Florida land", but it's the same article) (The Ledger changed the title, too, to "Be It Ever So Humble, 'home' Not for Sale" -- further demeaning Jesse's home)