Western Land Use Conference

February 22 & 23, 2003

Klamath Falls, Oregon

People for the USA (PFUSA) Grange #835, the California State Grange, and Klamath Community College are sponsoring a Western Land Use Conference, bringing leading land use experts to KCC in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The speakers are acknowledged leaders in their fields, respected for their success, innovation and dedication. Participants will gain additional knowledge of the Endangered Species Act; the National Environmental Policy Act; Western Water Law; Split-Estate Property Rights; R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way; County Empowerment; County Sovereignty; Free Market Habitat Management; and dealing with Democratic Socialism.

Ric Frost, Policy Analyst with New Mexico State University, will speak to evaluating federal programs for NEPA compliance; and his research findings on the real purpose behind the ESA.

Dr. Angus McIntosh, Range Management, Policy & Economics Specialist with New Mexico State University, will speak to the nature of property rights owned by western ranchers, including grazing allotments, and R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way.

John Williams, Wallowa County Agricultural Extension Agent, will speak to implementing County Empowerment in your home county.

George Young, attorney (Uintah v. Norton), will speak to enforcing County Sovereignty in your home county.

Mark Vande Pol, author of Natural Process, will explain how regulatory socialism corruptly manipulates property value and how implementing a free-market alternative that respects unalienable property rights will do a better job for both nature and humanity.

In addition to the speakers presentations, participants are encouraged to join in the many Q & A opportunities.

Attendees should expect to gain the following from their attendance and participation:

a.. Learn to evaluate federal projects for NEPA compliance.

b.. Learn what authority the federal ESA has over private land and individual states.

c.. Learn the difference between Western Water Law, and Riparian Doctrine. Learn what authority federal agencies have over water in the western states.

d.. Learn what compensable rights are incidental to Split-Estate Property Rights (grazing allotments).

e.. Learn how to prove R.S. 2477 Right-of-Way assertions.

f.. Learn what County Empowerment is, and how to implement it in your home county.

g.. Learn what County Sovereignty is, and how to enforce it in your home county.

h.. Learn how the free market can and should privatize regulatory government, eliminate the need for zoning, fund habitat management, and return property value to landowners.

i.. Learn pertinent federal and case law citations, and how they benefit you.

Each attendee will receive a three-ring binder full of the conference materials, and speaker contact info, to use once they return home.

RSVP by January 28, 2003, to qualify for our Early Booking Discount. Registration form attached.

If you have questions, please contact:

Katherine Van Tuyl, Secretary, PFUSA Grange, at 541-857-0678


Ric Costales, President (Master), PFUSA Grange, at 530-468-2698.

February 22 & 23, 2003

Klamath Community College

7390 South 6th Street

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Western Land Use Conference

RSVP Western Land Use Conference

Conference fee includes three-ring binder, and breakfast and lunch daily.

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