Ten Environmental Organizations that are subsidized by Federal Tax Dollars

December 3, 2002

By Rodney R. Stubbs


Salem's Future


Salem, OREGON - Environmental Organizations referred to as "stakeholders" are busy driving a wooden stake into American Family Farms all across the nation. The organizations are subsidized by United States Tax Payer at two levels. Direct: Sample is available on this website: http://www.salemsfuture.org/pages/9/index.htm  (for more details visit freedom.org) and Indirect: Funding directly from the United Nations.

... The total subsidy for the ten organizations, some of who are key players targeting the destruction of Agriculture in the Klamath Basin received $17,411,643 from the United States Government for biodiversity and save the fish programs.

Preliminary analysis of the FAADS database indicates that the number could be twice or more than the amount listed in the FAADS database.

The total subsidy for environmental groups exceeds $1 Billion not including subsidies received from the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation et al., the Environmental Grantmakers Association.

October 24, 2002

The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission reviewed a Report to Governor Kitzhaber: Review of the Statewide Land Use Program for Consistency with The Governor's Statewide Riparian Management Program. The governor's riparian policy states that, "..... land use policies and land management practices should 'sustain streamside and wetland riparian functions that support desirable water quality, native fish populations, and wildlife, across the landscape.' To implement the policy, state agencies are instructed to take a series of actions to protect 'properly functioning' riparian CORRIDORS and to....."

The report concluded, "Local efforts to adopt programs to protect riparian resources following Goals 5, 6, 7, 15 and 17 have at times generated significant controversy from property-rights groups and others opposed to riparian regulations. This has slowed or halted implementation of these programs at the local level. Better state and federal support, and a wider constituency that supports improved protection for riparian resources, is needed in order to promote a more consistent and successful implementation of the statewide riparian goals.

The area that will be most severely impacted by these policies are the rich farmlands of the Willamette River Watershed. The Willamette River Watershed is designated an American Heritage River (AHR) Initiative is being implemented to fulfill the requirement of United Nations Agenda 21. "By working through non-elected River Communities and Navigators, the AHR bypasses state and local governments, relegating elected officials to partners with no more input than special interest groups (Non Governmental Organizations, i.e., Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Watershed Councils, &etc.) This destroys the constitutional guarantee of a republican form of government and shifts power from the local and state governments to the federal government. Source: Council on Environmental Quality, American Heritage River Initiative. Also go to http://www.epa.gov/OWOW/heritage/rivers.html .

Oregon's Exclusive Farm Use Law is being violated by Agencies of the state of Oregon, as they spend Millions of dollars trying to implement the Riparian Management Rules. Farmers whose Land is zoned for Exclusive Farm Use are protected from State Agencies as follows:

ORS 215.253 ... "No state agency, city, county or political subdivision of this state may exercise any of its powers to enact local law or ordinances or impose restrictions or regulations affecting any farm use land situated within an exclusive farm use zone established under ORS 215.203 ... in a manner that would restrict or regulate farm structures or that would restrict or regulate farming practices ..."

This law is being bypassed through Oregon's Environmental Department in their quest to shut down non-point pollution sources. Their goal is to convert farms to organic operations and to eliminate the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical and genetic applications.

On July 3, 2001, the Oregon Legislature, at the urging of the World Wildlife Federation and Associated Oregon Industries unanimously adopted framework legislation (O.R.S. Chapter 910) to put the entire state of Oregon under the control of the IUCN by January 1, 2006. The law, is referred to as "framework legislation" that will be filled in by subsequent amendments and the writing of Administrative Rules.

What needs to be done:

Repeal Oregon's Sustainability Act.

Repeal all Amendments to Oregon's Land Use Planning Laws beginning in January 1995.

Identify and Terminate State Employees who have violated our trust and committed these acts of tyranny.

Terminate the Transportation Growth Management Programs and corresponding Transportation Planning Rule that is the funding vehicle for carrying Sustainable Development concepts into the American society.

Make it a criminal act to use the Delphi Technique (Consensus decision making) in the Citizen Participation Process by any government employee in the State of Oregon.

Require Robert's Rules of Order to prevail in all meetings impacting government decision making.

Strength Citizen Participation rules and prohibit the unique access granted to Non Governmental Organizations to government agencies. NGO's can go through their local elected officials just like anyone else.

(c) The Trojan Horse by Rodney R. Stubbs. Please cite the author in the use and distribution of this information. The Biodiversity map (at the source website) is copyrighted by Environmental Perspectives, Inc. and can be obtained by clicking on the map. The Willamette River basin map (also at the source website) is obtained from documents prepared by the government.

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