Subj: Re: Letter to Jay Ward and Wendell Wood of the ONRC

Date: 3/13/03 11:37:24 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (Gordon Ross)

To:,  counsel@buchal.comjgriffith@co.coos.or.usgross@co.coos.or.usnwhitty@co.coos.or.uscccourt@te


Please accept an amen from a Coos County Commissioner.

Thanks to the ONRC and a few other pseudo-environmental groups, the state of Oregon is in the financial trouble it is in.

Neither have they helped to protect Oregonians from catastrophic fire.

The two best agents we have available for reducing fuel loading are cows and chain saws -- and ONRC has tried to remove both from public land.

Thank you for allowing me into your conversation.

In addition to being a county commissioner I am a lifelong (67 years) dairy farmer.

This summer will celebrate 150 years on the same land and I can tell you that a well-managed farm is the best wildlife habitat there is.

If wildlife could vote, they would not vote with ONRC.

Gordon Ross.