--------------- Northern Longnose Sucker (fish) ---------------------

Global Range Comments: The most widespread sucker in northern North America. Throughout most of Alaska and Canada, south to New England, West Virginia-Maryland, northern Ohio, northern Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, Idaho, and Washington. Also in northeastern Asia. Introduced in upper Colorado River drainage, Wyoming and Colorado.

Life History

Basic Description: A fish (sucker).

Habitat Comments: Cold clear waters; bottom dweller in lakes and tributary streams; to depth of 600 ft in Great Lakes. Also in brackish water near mouths of Arctic streams. Often spawns in flowing shallow stream water over gravel; otherwise in lakes. Eggs sink and stick to bottom. Young stay in gravel 1-2 weeks before emerging.

Degree of Threat: Unthreatened on a range-wide basis, although it may be threatened in minor portions of the range.

Threats: Threatened in Lake Michigan due to deteriorating water quality and ecological imbalance caused  by introductions of non-native fishes (Herkert1992).

Fragility: tough (e.g.. redwoods)

Ecology & Life History

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Basic Description: A fish (sucker).

Reproduction Comments:  Spawns in spring. Eggs hatch in about 2 weeks. Sexually mature in 4-7 years, or as late as 9 years (Scott and Crossman 1973, Becker 1983).

Habitat Type: Freshwater

Non-Migrant: Y

Locally Migrant: Y

Migration Comments: Often migrates between upstream spawning areas and nonspawning habitat (Scott and Crossman 1973).

Estuarine Habitat(s):  RIVER MOUTH/TIDAL RIVER


Lacustrine Habitat(s): DEEP WATER, SHALLOW WATER

Special Habitat Factors: BENTHIC


Food Comments: Eats mostly bottom invertebrates (Scott and Crossman 1973).

Length: 64

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Note:  I don't think this sucker will ever be endangered! - Barb H. Klamath Falls, OR