Historic Events
Two Petitions that are Vital to the continuation of Klamath Basin 12-17-03
Klamath Tribes - A sovereign nation on the dole 12-12-03

'Conservationists'' Letter on proposed transfer of National Forest Lands to The Klamath Tribes 11-05-03

Nature Conservancy digging to regain wetland from reclaimed farmland 10-29-03
Board wants Klamath dam removals considered 10-25-03
Steber's latest 10-24-03
Klamath Hardy-study flaws exposed by Western scientist 10-05-03
Too few answers given to questions about Klamath Basin fish issues 9-16-03
Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) Well Pumping - No Compensation 9-16-03
County OKs farmers' idea for reservoir 9-02-03
Growing with less water 8-30-03
Klamath Adjudication -- Adair Decision Reversed 8-17-03
Water Users Support Study of Long Lake Offstream Storage Project 8-17-03
Basin crops still have safe refuge 8-17-03
BOR Alters Water Plan 8-09-03
We must act for ourselves in Klamath water debate 8-09-03
Audubon stoops in attack on Basin agriculture 8-07-03
Wildlands Project Maps 8-07-03
Lease land fight settled - for now 7-21-03
Klamath Project shut down 7-20-03
West Coast Communities Face Economic Devastation 7-20-03
Searched the web for "Sycan River" "Nature Conservancy." 7-12-03
Farmers saved from water cutoff 6-29-03
Congressional panel votes to strip Klamath group of funds 6-29-03
Vogel's declaration 6-27-03
Klamath Water Shut Off at Noon Today, Klamath Local Time 6-25-03
Yale Political Science Prof Meets with Local Water Users 6-18-03
Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the Klamath Project Operation 6-13-03
Farmers vital 6-08-03
Why Coastal Counties Joined The Bucket Brigade 6-02-03
Takings Litigation - U.S. Stay Motion Denied 5-31-03
Biologist disputes report blasting water deliveries 5-31-03
Coots need friends, too 5-25-03
FFA group hears Klamath farmers 4-12-03
State right to protect water adjudication 4-12-03
Conservation Biology Institute researching Klamath now ... 4-12-03
Klamath County Commissioners make decisions regarding current lawsuit targeting irrigators, and Barnes property storage 4-05-03
Extremists who denied water to Klamath farmers now want to protect salmon-killing fish 4-04-03
Interior secretary working on ways to avoid water fights in the West 4-04-03
Rains fill Upper Klamath Lake, Link River 4-04-03
Time to unite? 4-03-03
Three Counties Formally Support Water Users in Current Litigation 4-03-03
Klamath Water Data 4-03-03

Klamath Basin Farmers/

Residents will Not Give up or Give In 3-25-03

Basin shouldn't be Owens Valley II 3-25-03
Feds won't probe biologist's Klamath fish kill charges 3-23-03
On time, on budget, but experts not sure it will work 3-20-03
Two days of talking fish 3-20-03
Environmental groups plan lawsuit against Klamath River sturgeon decision 3-20-03
ONRC urges irrigators to sell out 3-14-03
What caused salmon deaths? 3-14-03
Users want credit - and water - for blood, blisters 3-14-03
Re: Letter to Jay Ward and Wendell Wood of the ONRC 3-14-03
Tale of two seasons, then and now 3-11-03
Bureau of Reclamation Met With Leary Audience at Public Meeting 3-11-03
Bureau Of Reclamation to announce 2003 Pilot Water Bank Program 2-27-03
Water Wars 2-24-03
Western Land Use Conference in Klamath Falls 2-24-03
Thoughtful ideas for the Klamath Basin 2-24-03
Few Klamath answers 2-24-03
Drought Dread Rises in Klamath 2-24-03
This is an extremely important breaking story 2-10-03
Coho boom of 2002 may herald recovery 2-09-03
Water politics leave scars on farm families 2-09-03
Klamath bashers do nothing to try to improve things 2-03-03
Water storage deal looks like a good one 1-25-03
Conservancy has key part of Basin water puzzle 1-25-03
American Land Conservancy Klamath Basin Proposal 1-25-03
5 minutes or less! 1-24-03
Barnes Ranch deal goes to Washington (D.C.) 1-23-03
Western Land Use Conference 1-21-03
Wilderness Society continues its attack 1-20-03
Amend [the endangered] species act 1-20-03
A new endangered species in the Klamath Basin 1-07-03
Oregon State Legislative Information 1-07-03
Support Appreciated 12-28-02
Governmenetal control over private lands expanding at all levels 12-23-02
It's a cruel, long-distance war 12-23-02
Knowledge is Power 12-32-02
Klamath diagnosis a warning for future 12-21-02
Klamath water crisis painful betrayal, ag consultants told 12-21-02
Heavy truck traffic, blasting to start at A Canal Headgates 12-14-02
Ten Environmental Organizations that are subsidized by Federal Tax Dollars 12-14-02
Kulongoski in KF today 12-14-02
Another Power Struggle for Klamath 12-09-02
Senate Unanimously Passes Walden Bill 11-23-02
Klamath Basin crisis: one year later 8-11-02
Missing Lynx: Are Animals More Important Than People? 8-04-02
Klamath water supply shrinks 7-15-02
Key Points of Agriculture’s Relationship with Upper Klamath Basin Refuges 7-14-02
Irrigation may be cut for farmers 7-13-02
Fishermen lose out; federal judge orders Klamath River water to farmers 5-06-02
Federal Closure Order Posted At Klamath Project Facilities 5-02-02
U.S. Opposes Suit to Channel Water to Salmon 5-01-02
Basic Description: A fish (sucker). 2-27-02
Oregon Farmers Win Reprieve in Suckerfish Water War  2-27-02
Agency wants to poison suckers 2-27-02
Sucker Punched 2-03-02