Klamath Basin Farmers/Residents will Not Give up or Give in


(Note: This fine gentleman has had his heart broken -- but not his spirit! -- by the banana peel of Political Correctness and 'environmental protection' that has invaded his beloved Klamath Basin. Please read his words with care, and understand how deeply this hurts him. Then, multiply this by hundreds -- by thousands -- of other good, honest and decent men and women that have given their all to keeping our country free, and for what? We all owe them -- our resource providers, OUR generational land stewards -- a debt of gratitude that may only be measured by standing with them as they fight for our freedom once again.)


March 25, 2003


By Gaylord Brown, retired farmer

Klamath Falls, Oregon


I shall not give up nor give in. My resolve to fight this atrocity, the stealing of our water, land and the dignity of this community, (Klamath Falls) I take to my bed at night and into my dreams.

Because of my past experience with the Bureaus -- who I consider to be common thieves, and with the Senators and Commissioners and other leaders, who I feel have sold us out by not standing on the Constitution that protects us from the likes of corrupt politicians and carpetbaggers -- I stand resolved.

Don't be so sure that this community is split!

Shut the water off again and you shall be in for a big surprise, as there are many people consolidated and standing with firm resolve, and we will not take this!

The way it stands now, 50,000 acre feet -- then 75,000 acre feet, then 100,000 thousand acre feet -- is an outrage! Rather then choking the ranchers and farmers immediately, it shall be done with slow pressure over several years.

What will be left under these conditions?

After being raided by USDA officials and local corrupt officials, which I have well-documented, and told to get out of town, my resolve is: Fight!

There will come a time when letter-writing and appeals to leaders -- or those that they say they are -- will and should come to an end. Drastic measures will be implemented, and it should be so.

This community is not split! Meetings are being held and people are pledging their support to come together and fight to save our ranchers and farmers, you may count on it.

We were warned, in 1979, of what would take place in the Klamath Basin -- and what HAS taken place in the Klamath Basin -- by very fine people and the shock of it did not 'take' then, but now it has.