Time to unite?

April 1, 2003

By Douglas K. Whitsett

Poe Valley, Oregon



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"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Elevating Abe Lincoln's prophetic words to an art form, the preservationist community, using the courts as its weapon of choice, continues to divide the people who depend upon our natural resources for their livelihood.

Once again this coalition of soulless, predatory organizations has divided our natural resources-based community against ourselves -- farmer against farmer, and forester against fishermen. Elevated above the fray by their alleged altruistic motives of species preservation, environmental restoration and equitable sustainability, the instigators celebrate their success while our communities self-destruct under their practiced manipulation.

Most recently, they have manipulated county governments at opposite ends of the Klamath River Basin to introduce amicus briefs either opposing or supporting an impending court legal proceeding. This gratuitous court action was brought by the preservationist coalition for no other purpose than to further divide our communities. Once again, their actions worked.

In Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" comic strip, Lucy keeps encouraging Charlie Brown to kick the football, only to pull the ball away at the last instant. Charlie repeatedly falls flat on his back when he manfully kicks at thin air.

Charlie never learns, and apparently neither do we.

Will Klamath County soon be at the throats of the Jackson County commissioners over the Cascade canal diversion? Are we soon to see potato and pear producers at war over another Marxist-created and manipulated water issue?

The preservationist coalition, our opposition, is a well-oiled and well-organized anti-capitalist machine whose sole mission is to depopulate our natural resource-based communities. Their collective Marxist anti-property rights agenda continues to succeed because we appear unable, or unwilling, to identify and to deal with our common enemy.

Perhaps, as with the currently prosecuted war in Iraq, dialogue and civility have run their course. Perhaps, as recently demonstrated in the United Nations, negotiation and compromise with carpetbaggers is clearly futile. Perhaps the time has come for our allied natural resources-based communities to unite to restore our own freedoms.

Preemptive dialogue among county leaders on both sides of the border and both sides of the mountains would be beneficial to all involved in understanding the methods being successfully employed to divide and to destroy us. Our elected county officials must unite and become proactive leaders in opposition to this malevolent scheme.

If not our elected leaders, then who? If not now, then when?