Farmers vital

(Note: Bravo, Ann Todd! Why, oh why? is it so difficult for some humans to get in touch with reality? They slam-dunk farmers, and in the next breath, eat tofu and salad and corn-on-the-cob! They rant about producing any oil and gas in America, while they use petroleum-based products! Ann's excellent letter was published in the Herald and News.)

June 5, 2003

Ann Todd

Klamath Falls, Oregon

To submit a Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in response to Willow Bojenmi's letter to the editor that was published in the May 15 Herald and News. It sounds as if she has been affected by her close contact with those organic body oils and fragrances.

It's obvious that she just moved here to Klamath County from Los Angeles. She doesn't know Klamath County, its residents, its agriculture and farming communities and what they do for Klamath County, our nation and what it provides for third-world countries.

Food from those sources feed and employ millions of people, many of whom can't provide for themselves. I, for one, believe God meant for us here on "Mother Earth" to use such land and resources to help ourselves and others.

Where does Bojenmi think the materials like metal and rubber on her bicycle come from? Yes, that's right, "Mother Earth."

I'm willing to bet that her organic foods aren't as organic as she says they are, and if we only knew how they were really processed and produced we would probably quit eating and surely starve to death. Then we all would become part of "Mother Earth," placed in green pastures like our cattle or planted in our fields of grain, hay, barley, potatoes, corn -- well, you know all those foods and materials that all of us humans require to live.

This is also a logging community that provides timber products so we all can have a home and tissue to use in our bathrooms. You see, those products also come from "Mother Earth" and we do our best to replace and replenish those resources and again to provide for ourselves and others on Mother Earth.

If you ask me (and I'll be glad to tell you), this county is paradise compared to what "white man" has done for Los Angeles. If Bojenmi doesn't like Klamath County with its farming and cattle raising, why on Mother Earth did she move here?

Bojenmi should visit Crater Lake, the Lava Beds and other attractions that Klamath has to offer. It really is beautiful here on our Mother Earth. I, too, am sorry (for Bojenmi) but this letter also "has to happen."