Amend [the endangered] species act


January 16, 2003


By Anthony F. Krok

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Water is not only priceless, it is life. People are willing to die for it.

The farmers of this area have well-established water rights secured by precedent over many decades.

When water was denied to farmers in 2001, civil disobedience ensued.

Through the information system web, linkage was made by our farmers to other areas in the United States where water rights were at issue.

Thus, the federal government was presented with a united front that opposed its water management policies.

The Endangered Species Act, although laudable, must be amended to avoid violence. Should the federal courts ignore the precedent established by farmers with regard to water rights, confidence in the judicial system will wane. The Endangered Species Act is a newcomer on the block and is putting the federal government in the position of danger.

When technologies are developed, along with the benefits come dependence and vulnerability. An example is the tall buildings and sophisticated aircraft of 9/11. The federal government is very vulnerable to domestic terrorism and bioterrorism. They have as yet to identify the persons responsible for releasing anthrax into the United States Postal System.

It is up to the federal judicial system to defuse the problems created by the Endangered Species Act by amending it to guarantee water to farmers in our region in perpetuity.

You cannot win a war overseas when you have civil war at home.