5 minutes or less!: Walden & Smith need to hear from YOU!

The letter below is dated January 23, 2003. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

"I feel 50,000 acre-feet of storage would be a great asset to the irrigators of the Klamath Basin, therefore I urge you to continue your efforts to purchase this property for this purpose." Sincerely, Gaylord Brown, Klamath Falls, 1843 Oregon Avenue, Oregon 97601-2121 Email: CelticBrown@aol.com

While some may disagree with the group that is purchasing the Barnes Ranch in the Klamath Basin, at least the farm is being purchased that water may be stored for the irrigators of the Basin.

The ranch was available, I understand, to anyone with the money to buy it, but the ability to unite and fund the purchase did not materialize.

While you are encouraged to contact both these elected officials to express your hope that the Barnes Ranch purchase will assist Klamath Basin farmers and irrigators in keeping the productive beauty of the area healthy -- and while those living in the Basin, in Oregon and across the line in northern California, are those most needing to call, fax, email, etc., to boost support for this in the 2003 Omnibus budgeting -- you may live anywhere and act to support your friends in the Klamath Basin.

It only takes a few minutes to phone, fax or email, and the culture and heritage you help to save may well be your own, as resource providing and generational land/water stewards stand to be honored by your actions today, tomorrow and next week. Please, know that this action is a continuation of the efforts that led to "Klamath" becoming a household word all over America in 2001. You CAN make a difference! Here's your chance!

Please, contact Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR)

Washington D.C. office:

Toll free: 800-648-3516


Fax: 202-228-3997

State Offices:

Bend: 541-318-1298

Eugene: 541-465-6750

Medford: 541-608-9102

Pendleton: 541-278-1129

Portland: 503-326-3386

Email: oregon@gsmith.senate.gov

Representative Greg Walden:

Washington D.C. office:

Toll free: 800-648-3516


Fax: 202-225-5774

Medford: 541-776-4646