Feds kill Montana wolves
(Note: Those that become incensed about wolves -- which these people's own actions and activities caused to have been 're'introduced all over America -- should take a much closer look at the larger picture, the much bigger scope, of large predators being loosed upon the rural backbone of America. It's not about 'endangered' anything. Rather, it is about removing people from the area 'envisioned' as The Wildlands Project and forcing America's rural resource providers and private property owners, into the 'smart growth' and 'high density' 'housing' CONCENTRATION camps without rights of the 'new cities'. Those driving this agenda hold nothing sacred about America's Constitutional Republic -- rather, they would shred everything that our Founding Fathers held dear.)
March 13, 2004
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Montana briefs
Bozeman, Montana - Federal wildlife agents have killed five of seven wolves in a pack that has been attacking livestock in southwest Montana's Madison Valley, and are hunting for a second pack preying on livestock nearby.

"The Sentinel Pack is essentially gone," Ed Bangs, wolf recovery leader for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said Thursday.

A second, unnamed pack of four wolves has been preying on livestock farther north along the base of the Madison Mountains.
That pack killed two cattle on a ranch east of Ennis this week.

Federal officials opted to eradicate both wolf packs after it became clear they were actively hunting livestock.

The Sentinel pack was blamed for a string of attacks on livestock in the Bear Creek area east of Cameron. A 1-year-old steer and a stock dog were killed in separate incidents.

One of the pack's two remaining wolves is wearing a radio collar. Bangs said agents are tracking it, hoping that the last wolf in the pack will join it and both of them can be killed.