Anti-fill amendment being discussed
(Note: Language deception has been successful beyond the perpetrators' wildest dreams ... this author has seen it for himself. He seems to be the only one, or one of a very few, that hears and sees the Red Flags.)
March 26, 2004
By Mike Moehle
The Brevard Insider
Malabar, Florida
To submit a Letter to the Editor:
Excerpted with permission from the Brevard Insider. 
While confusing, and couched in terms of 'saving' the lagoon and the St. Johns river, the effect of the anti-fill amendment being considered by the Charter Review Commission would be to eliminate any fill in any wetland.
Mel Scott was at the meeting and I posed to him the question of just how many acres of fill below the mean high water line of either the lagoon or the St. Johns have occurred in recent years.
His answer was "none" except for the hospital, which he agreed was only after a special act of the legislature authorizing it.
I voiced my concerns that the amendment is misleading and fraudulent in that people reading might vote for it thinking that they are protecting the lagoon and St. Johns River from being filled in -- not realizing that every mud puddle greater than 1/8 of an acre will be rendered unusable by the owner.
My concerns fell on deaf ears.
So far, by a ratio of about 20:1, all public comment has been in favor of every anti-growth and confiscatory charter amendment.
No member of the public spoke against any of the items on the agenda.
Even Maureen Rupe's proposal to place a moratorium on the issuance of all building permits throughout Brevard County (including all cities) if any of the affected roads, schools, fire protection, sewer capacity, police, water, etc., were at capacity, was met with rousing applause from the audience.
Additionally, everyone in attendance was supportive of reversing the provision of the charter which provides that City/Municipal ordinances shall prevail over conflicting county ordinances.
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